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Providing our services to students over 15 years

University Admission

Our main goal and motto are to provide proper guidance to you if you are seeking admissions in our affiliate universities and to also provide good service to the universities. We provide extensive help with the admissions process. The services that we provide are free of charge and you can get the maximum benefit out of it. In the guidance of admissions, we cover everything from the course selection to preparing a good application pack for admissions.

Application Guidance

You can contact us to get free guidance regarding the applications and necessities of future academia from our expert consultants.

Student Visa Guidance

Our expert consultants have all-encompassing knowledge about the latest immigration and visa laws, and they can guide you through your detailed process of obtaining a student visa. We will provide you with a checklist of requirements that you will need to get your student visas.

Pre-Departure Guidance

Before you leave your home country and travel overseas for making your dreams come true; we will provide you with guidance on what to expect once you officially enroll in your university, help you learn the university cultures, the basic rules and regulations of the country and the university you will study.

Accommodation Services

We also help students in getting proper accommodation which is comfortable and affordable. Our goal is to help you find the best place to stay so that you feel like home and which is also closest to the university.

Scholarship Assistance

UK universities accept different types of governmental and international scholarships like Chevening, Commonwealth and many more apart from the universities’ own scholarships and bursaries. Most of these scholarship applications are independent to that of the university admission applications. We are dedicated to help the brightest students to achieve scholarships by guiding them on how to present the application, face the interview and foremost with the deadline of the application.

UCAS Application Assistance

StudyUni is the registered UCAS centre that can provide you with the best free advice as to how you can submit good quality and error-free UCAS applications. Almost all major universities are accepting applications via UCAS. Our expert consultants can help you with choosing the right university, help you prepare and submit your application, and track your UCAS application.

BPTC Application Assistance

Our experienced team will introduce you to the new Bar Training Course commencing from September 2020 that abolished the existing BPTC. We can help you to prepare a good application as well as preparing you for the interview. We provide complete guidance as to the requirement of the newly designed course and assessment system. We aim to simplify the complex application procedure that involves different academic scores, English requirements, Advocacy/ Interview, Inn membership and BCAT (Bar Aptitude Test). We are proud of the fact that our recruited BPTC applicants have 100% visa success rate.

Aftercare Services

Once you enroll in your university, you can always reach out to us if you need any advice or guidance.
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